Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Team Preview - Part IV

Riverside Southpaws Projected Rankings

The Riverside Southpaws seemed to have found balance in their lineup despite drafting nothing but pitchers for the first seven rounds of the draft.  

Miguel Montero, Lance Berkman, Ryan Robert, Mark Reynolds and JJ Hardy form the Southpaws infield.   I'm in doubt that Berkman will find the bounceback form he had a couple of seasons ago.   Mark Reynolds simply strikes out to much to be effective in this format, and the JJ Hardy we saw last year...well I doubt he'll make an appearence this year.  Montero is probably the only saving grace here...

I'm just gonna say that this OF and it's project just completely off.  David Ortiz is not going to get 400 fantasy points...Chris Young and Tori Hunter...are all overrated.  Carlos Beltran is good, but he won't replace Pujols in St. Louis' lineup.

Despite drafting nothing but pitchers for the, I don't think this is all that great of a starting rotation.  Cole Hamels and Dan Haren are without a doubt great starters, but after that it gets a bit tricky.  James Shields and Ricky Nolasco?  Ok, I can give some credit for Shields - but Nolasco?  As good as Michael Pineda was last year, 2012 doesn't look like such a good season for the Yankees and Pineda.  He's already on the DL with shoulder tendenitous. 
Coming off the bench, RSP have Chris Carpenter (another DL candidate) and the erratic Carlos Zambrano.  

The real gems on this roster might be the two closers.  Jose Valverde may have a great year in Detroit, closing out games for the Tigers and JJ Putz may become the leagues best closer this year pitching for the Diamondbacks. 

I wouldn't say there are any exceptional names on the reserve roster, but RSP can be happy they have aging veterans Chipper Jones and Alfonsio Soriano riding the pine for them.  

Braunovan Projected Rankings
Team Total

Honestly, this was one of two really big surprises for me when I was doing the projected rankings.  But this is what the numbers say.  Braunovan's second entry into Fantasy Baseball resulted in a far better team. 

JP Arencibia, Miguel Cabrera, Howie Kendrick, Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus form the core infield for Braunovan.  Cabrera just kinda fell to Braunovan given the slew of SP taken with the first three picks.   All should produce.  If that doesn't work there is always Brendon Belt, Danny Espinosa and Jared Saltalmacchia on the bench. 

The teams OF/Util is fairly young (with exception of Johnny Peralta).  Hunter Pence and Alex Gordon are former high end prospects that are starting to show signs of stardom.   Brian LaHair was a surprise entry in the OF rankings for this team, outshinning the strikeout mast Jayson WErth. 

Matt Cain, Matt Garza, Ervin Santana and Wandy Rodriguez share the starting rotation with Josh Beckett.  The only real concerns here are Rodriguez playing in Houston and Beckett's recently announced thumb injury.   Edwin Jackson, and Randy Wolf are waiting in the wings to fill in.

I happen to love these two closers on Braunovan's roster.  Greg Kimbrel should dominate once again, but Joel Hanrahan will surprise some with his work in Pittsburgh. 

Toronto Blue Jays Projected Rankings
Team TotalINF

I seem to remember reading someone elses predictions for this team and it wasn't all that flattering, but than again I don't agree with how those "other" projections were produced.   How this team finished 11th on those standings confounds me.

Jesus Montero, Albert Pujols, Brian Phillips, Ryan Zimmerman and Yunel Escobar represents a strong infield put together by the TBJ.   Montero is going to be a monster, even in that Seattle ballpark.   This could also be the year that Yunel Escobar becomes an elite SS. 

The OF/Util positionning of Ryan Braun, Josh Willingham, Nick Markakis and Prince Fielder is just dominating and should produce a ton of ponts for the TBJ.   This allows the team to reserve Andre Either and Desmond Jennings that should pay dividends as injuries occur. 

What I am not a fan of on this team is the pitching staff.  Ubaldo Jimenez is the ace?  Likely not...Matt Moore will take the reigns and lead this rotation.  Jordon Zimmerman, Nefateli Feliz and Gavin Floyd fill out the rotation, with Henderson Alverez and Bartolo Colon waiting on the wings. 

The TBJ will need Greg Holland to get the closer role in KC for this pairing of closers to work out.   Still Francisco Rodriguez could be traded and provide a source of points for the TBJ down the road.  

Vancouver Canadians Projected Rankings
I guess sometimes you need to be given a last place belt and the duty to write down draft picks for all teams in order for one to become the highest pre-season ranking team.  Maybe paying attention to the whole draft gives you an either case the Vancouver Canadians have the opportunity to go from worst (sorta) to First this year and has built the lineup to do it.

The infield consists of the underrated Yadi Molina, the returning Justin Morneau, the emerging Jeff Kipnis and David Freese and the happy to be on a new team...Jose Reyes.   A pretty good infiend that will produce points. 

The OF/Util is kinda interesting.  I really like the Matt Holliday and Josh Hamilton combination, but I really think Melky Cabrera and CoCo Crisp are overrated players...especially Crisp and his projected 434 points. 

The starting rotation here is already hampered by Ryan Vogelsong, who will start the season DL.  Jared Weaver, Juir Jurrjens and Jonny Cueto provide the MLB veteran presence...but the real star here could be Yu Darvish.  Darvish to me will become the ace of the Rangers staff and really be a force this year. 

Closer wise, the VC did well by drafting Mariano Riveria during his farewell tour of the majors, but Kyle Farnsworth has been diagnoised with elbow issues and start the season on the DL. 

The VC bench is deep and holds plenty of replacements and potential.   RA Dickey, Mark Buehrle should be adequate substitutes in case a starter falters, and who knows maybe Mitch Moreland will emerge as a force this year. 

With that the tour of LoC teams is complete.  Good luck to everyone and remember...these were just projections and have nothing to do with how the season will play out.  Trade well and prosper everyone. 

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