Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Alright now that the MLB 2012 season started it's time to get serious.   But first...check out the video!

One game on the slate tonight...The Miami Marlins taking on the St. Louis Cardinals, Kyle Lohse vs. Josh Johnson.   We get a chance to new the new 3B-SS combo in Miami, as Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes take to the field together.

St. Louis has lost Chris Carpenter to injury already, but the biggest off season loss was the departure of Albert Pujols to the Angels.  Can Adrian Beltre replace Pujols offensive numbers?  

Most teams take to the field tomorrow and the opening weeks should see many of the teams jockeying for position.  Now I know all the projections were done along with the team reviews...but just before all the scoring starts taking place, I took one last look at the numbers and re-adjusted them to account for player movements.  To make it really simple, I the value of your bench players were divided in half...and with that the rankings ended up looking like this...

Rank Team
1 Vancouver Canadians
2 Braunovan
3 Toronto Blue Jays
4 Ravishing Rickybo
5 Riverside Southpaws
6 The Buckmartinez-ez
7 Hooter Hunters
8 Alkickurass
9 Under Ceege
10 Situ-Asians
11 Bulgarian Great "8"
12 Team Avenger
13 Siba Style
14 Fear Franchise

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