Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fear Franchise..

You gotta feel for Fear Franchise...he tossed out Josh Johnson for opening night in Miami only to have him shelled by the St. Louis Cardinals lineup and more specifically David Freese (Vancouver Canadians), who went 3-5 with a run scored and 2 RBIs.   Still Franchise managed to pick up 17 points on the evening thanks to Jason Motte earning the save...which almost didn't happen.   Undrafted Kyle Lohse cruised through 8 innings of 2 hit ball to earn the first win of the season for the Cardinals.

In other league news...Team Avenger has become the Westboro Knights...I'd have preferred something like "Horse walks into Aybar"...not much to add this morning to the blog, but in light of Yu Darvish's arrival to MLB baseball, lets take a look at why the Japanese really love baseball...

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