Monday, April 2, 2012

Team Preview - Part II

Team Avenger Projected Rankings

Team Avenger's infield centres around the performance of Pablo Sandoval, who returned to form last year.   Ike Davis may have a big year in New York, with the fences being drawn in.  A lot of fantasy baseball players will be wondering of Alex Avila can find the form he had last year, or whether he will become another "average catcher".  

Justin Upton is set to hit another level and at 24, that's pretty sick.  Upton I think has a great chance to win the NL MVP award.   The TA outfield is filled out by Brent Gardner and Jose Tabata.  Lucas Duda might surprise many and exceed his projected totals.

The TA starting rotation is centred around David Price and Daniel Hudson.   However, Jamie Garcia will contribute a lot of valuable points.  If Clay Buchholz and Trevor Cahill can avoid injuries, this rotation could be very dangerous.

Sergio Santos and John Axford will provide lots of closer points for TA.

Perhaps the biggest potential for success lies on the TA bench.  Lorenzo Cain, Marco Scutaro (yes, Marco Scutaro) and Cameron Maybin could all have breakout years and contribute greatly to this teams success.  

Hooter Hunters Projected Rankings

I honestly don't know if you can put together an uglier infield then this one...actually I think you can...but we won't go there.   Ben Zobrist is the infield offensive catalyst for the Hooter Hunters this year.  I'm not overly convinced that Sterling Castro will live up to expectations, but I am convinced that Wilson Ramos will exceed his projected long as he's not kidnapped in Washington.

To me, this OF is underrated.  Matt Kemp, Andrew McCutchen, Nelson Cruz are exceptional outfielders and should have put this OF among the top three.  Logan Morrison is a wildcard and how great this OF could be, might depend on him.

CC Sabathia and Gio Gonzalez front a rotation that also includes Chad Luebke, Jhoulys Chacin and Hiroki Kuroda.  Jeremy Hellickson could easily replace Chacin or Kuroda in value during the season.

Andrew Bailey is the sole closer, but Addison Reed could find himself taking over the closer role for the White Sox.   This is probably where the HH suffer the most and may need some luck in order to improve.  

A lot of good talent sits on the HH's bench and some good player management may pay dividends for this team.  Will Pedro Alvarez break out this year?  or what about Matt Gamel?  

Bulgarian Great "8" Projected Rankings

The Bulgarian Great "8" (BG8) has a pretty balanced roster and some great depth on the bench.   The Yankee Old Timers (Teixeira, A-Rod and Derek Jeter) club forms the core of the infield, along with Brian McCann and Rickie Weeks.   Teix and A-Rod are still productive and Jeter could have a bounce back year for the Yankees.  

A Yankee, A Tiger and two former Blue Jays hold down the outfield and utility positions for the BG8.   Brandon Boesch could turn in a big year for this team given the addition of Fielder to the Tigers lineup.   Rios is a prime candidate for a big bounceback year.  I definitely think Vernon Wells is done and his projection is too high.

Last years AL MVP and AL Cy Young winner fronts the BG8 rotation.  Jon Lester has been consistent but he did have a slightly off year last year.  Derek Holland will benefit from the Rangers offense and provide some valuable points.   If Max Scherzer can continue to improve, he should be able to exceed the projected figures.  Ted Lilly should benefit from his new home field and produce

Will Heath Bell prove his worth to his new franchise?  BG8 might have to rely on Bell for points with Drew Storen set to start the season on the DL.

The bench strength provides some good balance for the rest of the team.  Jason Bourgeois could breakout with the move to Kansas.   Ivan Nova and Tim Hudson might struggle this year, and Nova has already been put into the bullpen.  

Up Next:

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