Monday, April 2, 2012

Team by Team Preview Pt. 1

Siba Style Projected Rankings

You can't deny that any major league team would drool at the chance to see a projected infield consisting of Carlos Santana, Adam Lind, Robinson Cano, Brett Lawrie and Troy Tulowitzki but Siba Style's infield came at a pretty steep price. 

The OF/UTIL group is headed by Michael Bourn.  Newly minted Jays left fielder Eric Thames joins this shallow OF/UTIL talent pool.   SS will need Colby Rasmus to overachieve, while Mike Trumbo learns 3B. 

Tommy Hanson and Ricky Romero will need to be staff aces if the SS pitching staff is going to keep this team in contention.   Huge seasons will also be needed from Brandon Morrow, Matt Harrison and Mike Minor.   Morrow could be a major breakout candidate this year.

Brian Wilson and Houston Street are the SS principal closers, but Matt Capps and Jonathan Broxton are waiting on the bench for some action too.   SS will need to turn these additonal assets into useful peices during the course of the season.  The man with the "Beard" will need to return to his form to solidify this closing situation for this team. 

* Kelly Johnson should have been in the utility spot instead of Trumbo, but the point difference (54) would not have changed SS ranking in the overall. 

With the exception of Capps, Broxton and Johnson, the rest of the bench is made up of largely unknowns.  Rick Porcello will start the season in the Tigers rotation, but he's been given this chance before.   An pair of interesting sleepers in De Aza and Presley. 

Fear Franchise Projected Rankings

Now I read that Fear Franchise released their own set of "projected numbers" last night, and for the life of me I can't figure out how he managed to get his "projected total" to be 7,378, when the best lineup I set for him can only muster a total of 7,000 points.
The FF infield is made up of Matt Wieters, Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, Even Longoria and Dee Gordon.   I'm not huge on Smoak, but Acknley and Gordon have the potential to be breakout stars this year.   Evan Longoria will need to find his form from 2 years ago in order to be the cornerstone of this infield.   Of course, Wieters is a long known Chiser man-crush and this really could be his season for stardom.

The FF outfield hinges on Jacoby Ellsbury, and if last year was any indication of how good Ellsbury is it's scary to think he could get better.   Mike Morse, Delmon Young and Aaron Hill fill ou tthe remaining OF/Util spots.  Chiser could really benefit if Young and Hill can find shades of their former selves this year...while Morse could be a breakout candidate. 

The starters for FF is among the leagues best.  Clayton Kershaw and Yvonnie Gallardo anchor this roation, which also includes Josh Johnson, Johan Santana and late addition Jake Peavy.  If the two aging arms return to form, this could be a dangerous rotation to compete against.  

FF took Brett Myers to place him in the closer role as an SP (but his total was well short of the other starters) so he finds himself on the bench, while Jason Motte and Matt Thornton represent the best of FF closers.   Thornton isn't the White Sox closer yet so that projection might be a bit high. 

Hype and has been and post-hype players dominate the FF bench.  The hype players are obviously Alongso and Bryce Harper, while the post hype player is Emilio Bonifacio.   Grady Sizemore starts on the DL once again.  Adam Dunn and AJ Pierzynski have seen the best of their playing days go by. 

Up Next:

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  1. I added Brett Myers total. As the only SP closer, his stats would count as well.


  2. Under the system I used (to keep all things fair), it was assumed that these were the best roster over a 162 game schedule, with the pitching (SP and RP adding up to 1250 IP).