Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Season Preview - Part III

Situ-Asians 2.0 Projected Rankings

With the exception of Adrian Gonzalez, the Situ-Asians 2.0 infield will need a lot of help to help this team climb up the LoC standings.  Ryan Doumit should get some additional at bats in Minnisota and hopefully Dan Uggla is able to make more contact for hits, rather then simply homers (although homers are always appreciated).  Mike Moustakas and Astrubal Cabrera are real question marks...if Cabrera can build on last year he could be a very good pick up for this team. 

The Situ-Asians OF is among the leagues best...especially when you consider that Carl Crawford has been relegated to the bench of this team.   Curtis Granderson will hopefully continue his strong play in New York and Ichiro has found a new home batting 3rd in the Mariners lineup.  Cory Hart has shown he can be a big player and it's hoped that he continue to improve.  Then there is the ever consisten Paul Konerko holding down the Util spot for the Situ-Asians.

Zach Greinke looks like he's ready to have another Cy Young type year in Milwalkee and he'll need to do so if the team is to improve on it's 12th spot ranking.  CJ Wilson's projections are a bit low -especially if you consider his new situation in Anahiem and his numbers on the road last year.   Chris Sale could make a breakthrough as a starter, and Colby Lewis and Josh Tomlin round out the rotation...good not great 4th and 5th starters.

The Situ-Asians closers are solid..and Grant Balfour already has a save under his belt.  Not a great pair of closers, but ones that should keep this team in contention. 

The real suprises could come off the Situ-Asians bench.  Ian Desmond, John Mayberry, Devin Mesoraco, and Mike Trout all find themselves on the reserve side of things, but any breakout signs will force them into the lineup.   The team is also hoping that veterns Andy Petite, Eric Bedard and Phil Hughes can contribute this year. 
The Buck Martinez-ez Projected Rankings

The defending champions find themselves in the middle of the pack despite having a great infield and outfield.  

Veterans Mike Napoli, Dustin Pedoria, Michael Young and Alexi Ramirez provide much of the infield offensive threat, with much hyped 2012 draftee Eric Hosmer working his way into the mix.   Hosmer is considered to be a "sure thing" by almost every "expert" analyst - but with so much hype, will be contribute?

The BMZ's 3rd ranked OF/UTIL consists of Jose Bautista, Shane Victorino, Martin Prado and Andrew Jones.  Effective and efficent.  This OF/UTIL should produce all season long. 

The BMZ starting rotation doesn't have any great names.  Ian Kennedy emerged last year but it's uncertain whether he'll repeat that performance this year.  Vance Worley was a surprise in 2011, but can he be in 2012?  The real gems in this rotation could be Justin Materson, Brandon McCarthy and Madison Bumgartner.  

Brandon League and Chris Perez have the closer situation locked down for the BMZ.

The BMZ bench could contribute, especially Mike Aviles on his new team in Boston.  Ryan Howard might be a story if he can come back this year.   With a few moves here and theere, BMZ looks poised for another solid season.

Under Ceege Projected Rankings

Under Ceege has some issues in the infield and outfield, but the strength in the starting rotation and relief pitching could keep this team out of trouble. 

Hanley Ramirez is the only real player in the infield that also includes Kurt Suzuki, Carlos Pena, Alexai Casilla and Edwin Encarnacion.   If any of these guys falter, Freddy Freeman, Kendrys Morales and Giovanni Soto wait in the wings.   Surprising Lonnie Chisenhall was sent down to the minors by the Cleveland Indians. 

The UG OF, will depend on strong outputs from Jay Bruce and BJ Upton along with Michael Cuddyer.   Giancarlo "Mike" Stanton projections seem a bit low, but they could be accurate if he doesn't improve on his strikeout rate. 

Of all the starting rotations, this is the one that puzzles me the most.  Tim Lincecum could have a solid year, but he had some issues in 2011 that still concern me.  Adam Wainwright has looked like an ace in the spring, but he could fall flat to injuries during the season.  Brandon Beachy has shown signs of greatness, but has yet to really reach that level.  I'm not a big fan of either Anibal Sanchez and Doug Fister, but I do think Fister will have a good year in Detroit. 

The UF has the best relief dou in Jonathan Papelbon and Joe Nathan.   Papelbon could see a bump in his numbers as he heads over to the NL and a team that will likely provide him with lots of save opportunities.  

This bench is loaded with talent and could provide some much needed support for the starting lineup in the event of injuries. 

Ravishing Rickybo Projected Rankings

With the exception of David Wright (who I think is an injury waiting to happen), I really like this infield...including Rafeal Furcal.   Joey Votto and Joe Mauer provide much of the production while Jamille Weeks will provide steals and runs (if he can bunt his way on). 

This OF/Util is pretty good...although I think Drew Stubbs will eventually replace Dexter Fowler in the OF3 spot.   Carlos Gonzalez could be the #1 OF in MLB if he can stay healthy.  The Colorado air should give him a legitimate shot pending he avoids those injuries. 

The starting roation is solid, especially now that Danial Bard has been named into the Red Sox rotation.  The machine that is Roy Halladay fronts a pretty young rotation.  I think Matt Latos is going to get lit up in Cinncinati, but Marcum, Bard and Norris are good fill ins.   Not much going on from the bench, but Ogando may get himself a shot back in the Rangers rotation this summer. 

If Kasey Jansen or Javy Guerra can become the closer of the Dodgers, Rickybo has it made.  Carlos Marmol is a legit closer, but sometimes he worries the best of fantasy managers.  

The Ravishing ones bench, boasts some strong potential in Dominque Brown and Alondois Chapman.  Chase Utley is also there and could be a real threat when he becomes healthy.  

Alkickurass Projected Rankings

Alkickurass surprised everyone by not drafting Stephan Strasburg or Bryce Harper in rounds 1 and 2.   Instead he went the more veteran route and should be rewarded with a better result this year. 

Buster Posey, Kevin Youkilis, Ian Kinsler, A. Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins form a solid infield for Kickassers...Posey will look to bounce back after spending most of last year on the DL list.   The others are consistent, with Youkilis potentially improving on his semi-poor numbers from 2011. 

This is another underrated OF/Util, with Jason Heyward likely breaking out and showing what kind of a OF beast he can be.  Jeff Francoeur is consistent, as is Carlos Lee.  Cespedes will be a real interesting player to keep an eye on.  I expect a no so stellar season. 

The starting rotation of Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez, Stephen Strasburg, Scott Baker and Nicasio is an interesting mix.  Strasburg will provide up to 160 IP and be shut down, so Lee and King Felix will have to really produce.  Francisco Lirano is on the bench and could return to form and really produce.  Not big on Vinny Pestano...

Josh Walden and new minted Red closer Sean Marshall will provide the closign duties for this team.  Jim Johnson could also contribute off the bench. 

This bench is deep and loaded with talent.  Look for this team to use this as a strength during the season.

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