Thursday, April 12, 2012

LoC Standings Update

The MLB 2012 season is a week in (well, a week + 2 days if you count the games in Japan).  At the end of the first week Ravishing Ricky Bo has taken a slim lead compiling a total of 293 points.  Benefiting RRB is the performace of Javy Guerra who has contributed 4 saves so far...not bad for a player taken extremely late in the draft.   Having Roy Halladay also helps.  The race is pretty tight at the top five, with some breathing room being created from the bottom three.   Braunovan, to my surprise hasn't made a single move yet (this is after all the team that made the most moves last season).  

Top 10 Hitters (based on Yahoo! Rankings)

1) Matt Kemp
2) David Freese
3) Miguel Cabrera
4) Yoenis Cespedes
5) Austin jackson
6) Pablo Sandoval
7) Carlos Beltran
8) Ian Kinsler
9) Corey Hart
10) Omar Infante

Top 10 Pitchers (based on Yahoo! Rankings)

1) Chad Billingsley
2) Roy Halladay
3) Aroldis Chapman
4) Kyle Lohse
5) Javy Guerra
7) Stephan Strasburg
8) Fernando Rodney
9) Jeff Samardzija;
10) Barry Zito

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