Friday, March 16, 2012

The 2011 Championship Team

It would have been a fun project to figure out how The Buck Martinez-ez (BMz)were formed throughout the 2011 season but unfortunately Yahoo! doesn't provide the transaction records from the previous season making the task nearly impossible.  What we can figure out is that BMz were built through 58 transactions (trades and waiver wire pickups), which is just above the league average for the season.  

With the 9th overall pick in the draft, Cliff Lee became the first member of the BMz.   The table below lists the drafted roster and the final roster.  

Position Open Roster Closing Roster
C B. Posey R. Andino
1B M. Teixeira M. Teixeria
2B D. Pedoria D. Pedoria
3B M. Prado M. Prado
SS A. Escobar R. Andino
OF S. Victorino S. Victorino
OF C. Granderson C. Granderson
OF A. Jones A. Jones
UTIL J. Kubel S. Rolen
SP J. Cachin J. Chacin
SP P. Hughes P. Hughes
SP C. Lee C. Lee
SP J. Vazquez J. Vazquez
SP M. Pineda CC Sabathia
RP J. Venters J. Motte
RP J. McGee S. Santos
BN D. Hernandez J. Saltalamacchia
BN J. Conteras A. De Aza
BN R. Brignac J. Keppinger
BN B. Fuentes J. McDonald
BN M. Brantley H. Takahashi
BN J. Walden C. Ruiz
BN D. Johnson K. Kendrick
BN W. Lopez P. Bourjos
BN C. Utley C. Utley
DL J. Walden
DL J. Williams

Not sure which two players were on the DL from the conclusion of the 2011 season.  The only significant loss that the BMz had to deal with was the loss of Buster Posey to the season ending injury. With the exception the starting infield and most of the starting rotation, the BMz went through a major overhaul.  Some of The BMz's best moves including moving Michael Pineda in the second half of the season, and adding CC Sabathia to his rotation.   Pick ups like P. Bourjos, J. Walden, S. santos and J. Motte all helped the BMz to the title.   It's too bad we can't see how these guys ended up on this roster but its sufficient to say that the BMz drafted their starting rotation well (even with the struggles of P. Hughes) and improved throughout the season to claim the 2011 LoC Championships.  

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